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Current News:

Club Meeting:

Date: Tue, November 4th
Time: 1pm
Location: SSU, Darwin Hall, Rm 35

Topics: TBA
Meetings are held every two weeks. The meeting allows for the handling of standard club business, announcements or conversation topics from club members, planning club trips, socializing with fellow majors, miscellaneous activities, cheesy science jokes my occur, and most importantly free pizza.

SST Movie Night:

Date: October 29th
Location: SSU, Darwin Hall, Rm 107

Hang out and relax at a Movie Night. The movie nights are open to all majors, where students can have a fun time, let go of stress, and meet good people. The movies are enjoyable and solely for entertainment; some recent showings have been The Prestige and The Polar Express. The movie nights are on monthly basis.

Skills Lab:

Date: Wed, October 15th
Location: SSU, Salazar 2008.

Topic: SEM, "The ability to see the microscopic is an amazing feat that can be accomplished with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Come learn how this machine works and its applications in learning about the extremely small, including viewing samples of anodized aluminum nanopores."
Skills labs are based on the idea that students can help teach other students skills that are important for daily, professional, and academic life. The labs will take place every other week.

Public Viewing Nights:

Time: 8 – 10
Location: SSU Observatory (map)

Globular Clusters: Ancient Relics.
The viewing nights are open to the public, free, and a very cool time to gaze into the boundless universe. Please call before coming in case the event must be changed due to weather conditions.(additional information)

MESA Skills Lab:

Date: Wed, October 22nd
Location: SSU, TBA

Topic: Part Three, Arduino Programming
Let's play with circuits. The labs will take place every other week.