Friends of Copeland Creek

Copeland Creek


Copeland Creek originates in the Sonoma Mountains, with its headwaters flowing from Sonoma State University 's Fairfield Osborn Preserve. It then travels through private lands and the SSU campus, eventually joining with the Laguna de Santa Rosa and the Russian River.

A riparian forest of towering oaks, bigleaf maples, buckeyes, and willows formerly bordered the creek. The forest was inhabited by diverse species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Steelhead trout returned from the sea each year to spawn in the clear and shaded waters. Today, where Copeland Creek flows through the SSU campus, little of this pristine ecosystem remains.

Friends of Copeland Creek is a student organization dedicated to the ecological restoration of the Copeland Creek natural area that runs through Sonoma State University. Our goal is to restore the native riparian forest ecosystem, including its native plant and animal communities and ecological processes. This entails removing exotic species and replanting native vegetation. We attempt to establish the native components of the system (species, conditions, and communities) and the native ecological processes and functions, to produce a dynamic and self-sustaining native ecosystem.

In carrying out this goal, Friends of Copeland Creek also seeks to:

•  create a riparian corridor for a wildlife habitat,

•  increase the aesthetic value of the creek,

•  provide educational opportunities,

•  foster public awareness, and

•  create links with other programs on campus and in the community.

The Friends of Copeland Creek club organizes an Earth Day and a Fall Planting Day event. With your help, the creek's former beauty and ecological integrity may once again exist in the future.