Upcoming Events


*Club meets EVERY Thursday at 12pm in Darwin 29

*You are strongly encouraged to attend events if you are thinking about holding a possible officer position next year or applying for club scholarships.



5 First Meeting

10 CSLIS Spring Fair '09 in Quad from 12-1pm

12 Club Meeting - Assign HPAC member interviews, sign up for Valentine's Day "Sweets for Your Sweetie" fundraiser bakesale, sign up to buy Pre-Health Club book bags

13 Baking for "Sweets for Your Sweetie" fundraiser at Melissa's house at 3pm

14 Valentine's Day "Sweeets for Your Sweetie" fundraiser bakesale

19 Club Meeting - Update of HPAC interviews, announce club T-shirts, sign up to buy Pre-Health Club book bags

26 Club Meeting - HPAC presentations, hand out book bags, sign up for March Mentorship Month

27 Book bag decorating party at Melissa's house at 5 pm (changed from 7pm)



Week 1 - Pre Medical/Pre Pharmacy

Week 2 - Pre Dental/Pre Veterinary

Week 3 - Pre PT/Pre PA

Week 4 - All other professions

5 Club Meeting - Announce MCAT giveaway

12 Club Meeting

19 Club Meeting

26 Club Meeting



1-4 Easter Community Event

2 Club Meeting

9 Club Meeting

16 Club Meeting

18 Walk for Autism in Sonoma

18 Walk for Babies in Santa Rosa

23 Club Meeting - Advising for continuing students

25 Social Event Night

30 Club Meeting



7 Club Meeting - Elections for officer positions

8 BBQ dinner and pool party at Melissa's house, announce election winners

14 Club Meeting - Goodbye Senior Potluck Party


Officers meetings are Tuesday's at 12 pm. Everyone is welcome to come, the more input the better.